Sometimes, rather exceptionally, I talk about more personal things than just security, and this was the case.

I've been interviewed by Phil Burgess for his IT Career Energizer podcast, we've talked career tips, solving problems you don't have (yet), that one call from Scott Helme, and much more.

Phil has also written a very nice list of key takeaways, and according to him, these are the best moments of the episode:

02:25 “If you want to learn something, go and teach it.”

10:04 “Nobody cares about your religion, skin color, education or world ideas. Through coding you can change the lives of millions.”

11:43 “Don’t you even dare to think that you actually know something? Always keep learning.”

12:43 “You need to create opportunities for yourself and always be on the lookout for opportunities.”

13:42 “I want to make the internet a safer place.”

Date and for whom

May 3, 2019, IT Career Energizer

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