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Come to my public trainings, everybody's welcome:

Trainings in Prague are held regularly in the middle of March, June, September, and December, in other cities irregularly.

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Any public training can also be turned into an in-house training. As an extra, I offer these in-house-only courses:

Looking for Introduction to PHP, Classes and objects in PHP? I've handed them over to Martin Hujer. I've discontinued Web application performance, Martin Michálek runs a similar training.

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Not secure: Chrome and HTTP websites (July 25, 2018, Blog)

Chrome started marking all HTTP websites as Not secure yesterday (on my birthday, what a gift!) with their release of Chrome 68. The treatment is not a red warning yet, just a gray (i). And there's a lot of busy czech websites getting that treatment. And how did we get here anyway and what's next?

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Adding features & deleting code, or How I joined Report URI (June 30, 2018, Blog)

I joined Report URI, the real-time security reporting tool, a year ago. In fact, my first code change was June 27, 2017. Since then I've added 709,402 more lines. And deleted 1,981,599 lines.

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What's security.txt and why you should have one (April 9, 2018, Blog)

Add security.txt to your site, with correct contact details inside the file, so that people reporting security issues won't have to guess where to send the reports to. Using a real example, I'll show you why having such file is a good idea.

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June 27, 2018, Madeo Office Opening Party (60 minutes)

Everything is User Input
June 23, 2018, PHP Prague (20 minutes) 📃

Bezpečnost prakticky a na vlastní kůži
April 19, 2018, Partnerské setkání TechData (120 minutes)

“Hlavně si to heslo nikam nepište”
April 13, 2018, Outlaw 2018 (20 minutes)

Vyhledávejte na netu jako MacGyver
March 10, 2018, AimtecHackathon 2018 (45 minutes) 📃

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Me answering questions

Blokování webů a stránek
June 4, 2016, Český rozhlas Online Plus

Na 11. srazu Na volné noze
June 4, 2016, 11. sraz Na volné noze

Webový vývojář musí mít hackerské myšlení
May 30, 2016, Kyberbezpeč

Hlavní je používat hlavu, ale ne na hesla
May 3, 2016, Host Radiožurnálu

Jak zvýšit zabezpečení vašeho webu?
February 17, 2016, Mladý

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