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Trainings in Prague are held regularly in the middle of March, June, September, and December, in other cities irregularly.

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Any public training can also be turned into an in-house training. As an extra, I offer these in-house-only courses:

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Last dates for Intro to PHP, Classes & objects in PHP training (10. 10. 2017, Blog)

The time has come and after 6 years I'm closing my public training Introduction to PHP and Classes and objects in PHP, the last round this December. I'll still offer these two courses for companies, as an in-house training. I'm also writing some new courses.

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Upgrading existing password hashes (5. 9. 2017, Blog)

Still using MD5 or SHA-1 to store user passwords and want to gracefully migrate to e.g. bcrypt? Want to do it properly to protect all passwords in the database? Here's how.

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Chrome, ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR, and an invalid HTTP header (28. 8. 2017, Blog)

When migrating your site to a more performant HTTP/2 protocol, it may happen that Chrome will not load a page and will display This site can’t be reached with ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR instead. HTTP/2 is derived from the earlier SPDY protocol, that's probably why the error message doesn't mention HTTP/2 at all.

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Lámání a ukládání hesel
5. 11. 2017, OpenAlt (25 minutes)

Hlava není na hesla
31. 10. 2017, Security Fest 2017 (25 minutes)

Crackování hesel (nejen) z úniku
7. 10. 2017, LinuxDays 2017 (25 minutes) 📃

Správci hesel do hloubky
18. 9. 2017, HackerFest (30 minutes) 📃

Z fotky na Facebooku až k unesenému účtu
21. 6. 2017, Internet a Technologie 17 (25 minutes)

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Me answering questions

Blokování webů a stránek
4. 6. 2016, Český rozhlas Online Plus

Na 11. srazu Na volné noze
4. 6. 2016, 11. sraz Na volné noze

Webový vývojář musí mít hackerské myšlení
30. 5. 2016, Kyberbezpeč

Hlavní je používat hlavu, ale ne na hesla
3. 5. 2016, Host Radiožurnálu

Jak zvýšit zabezpečení vašeho webu?
17. 2. 2016, Mladý

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