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Talk detail

Let's talk about XSS (yeah, still), and particularly the DOM-based XSS type. This one happens in your browser and in your browser only and luckily, browsers also offer something to put stop to it: Trusted Types. I'll explain how it works and what to expect when hunting for bugs, and why Trusted Types are a Good Thing™️, unlike previous browser-based defense like the XSS Auditor. We'll also talk about CSP reporting, mostly because you enable Trusted Types with a CSP header (yeah, I know). I've also built a demo application so you can have a lot of fun laughing at my CSS skills.

Date and event

May 11, 2023, OWASP Czech Chapter Meeting (talk duration 60 minutes)


Michal Špaček

Michal Špaček

I build web applications and I'm into web application security. I like to speak about secure development. My mission is to teach web developers how to build secure and fast web applications and why.

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