October 10, 2017 (updated March 1, 2018)

The time has come and after 6 years I'm closing my public training Introduction to PHP and Classes and objects in PHP, the last round this December. I'm also writing some new courses.

Since Jakub Vrána, a friend of mine now working for Google, handed over his original courses to me to run and teach them, I've arranged 40 dates with more than 200 attendees, thank you everyone, you know who you are! If you'd like to teach the courses from now on let me know. Just for the record: until now, I've done 120+ trainings with roughly 800 attendees in total.

So why the change? I'd like to dedicate even more of my time to online security, making the cyber a better place, teach developers how to build secure applications, and show users somebody somewhere knows the price of their data. There's a lot of work in the industry, and thanks to anybody not adding more work to it, ha ha, ha.

My signature course web application security (next date: termín zatím nevypsán) lives on, I've added a new one, too: after two years of teaching it in companies I've opened HTTPS for developers and admins (next date: termín zatím nevypsán) for public. Meanwhile, I'm building a totally new one, with a working title “Web security 102”. I've also started teaching social media security, passwords in companies, and there's no end to it. My plan is to open some of these courses in English too, so that you will also have a chance to hear me talking and explaining security stuff.

I still love development (because I can build what I break otherwise), that's why I've started working on a project you may already use, with some awesome people you may already know. More on that real soon now.


March 1, 2018 I've stopped offering Introduction to PHP and Classes and objects in PHP courses as in-house training as well

Michal Špaček

Michal Špaček

I build web applications and I'm into web application security. I like to speak about secure development. My mission is to teach web developers how to build secure and fast web applications and why.

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