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We love JSON. We love it so much we get 500M+ requests on a good day, 15k/sec peak, and in the last 30 days, we only had 7 not-so-good days.

Report URI is a browser (and email) reporting aggregator. The reports we process are sent by browsers (and email servers), and tell the site owners things like “hey, this JS shouldn't be here”, “this browser feature will be deprecated”, “your cert has expired”, “someone is spamming with your domain” etc.

We run PHP, JavaScript, Cloudflare and 25 machines plus some more for enterprise customers. This is a story about scaling the hell out of it, using clouds and oceans. Oh, and two developers.

Also, here's how I started working on the tool (by deleting 1.4 million lines of code).

Date and event

June 6, 2019, Cloud Native Prague Meetup #4 (talk duration 45 minutes)

Michal Špaček

Michal Špaček

I build web applications and I'm into web application security. I like to speak about secure development. My mission is to teach web developers how to build secure and fast web applications and why.

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