Hi, I'm Michal Špaček.


developer and a trainer, Zend Certified Engineer

I'm into web, security, and performance. I build, break, and test web applications. I'm a Zend Certified Engineer since 2009. As a developer, I've learned a lot and I like to pass my knowledge and experience on my trainings. Since 2011, I've delivered over 150 workshops. I want to show other web developers why and how to build secure and fast web applications.

Report URI developer

I joined Report URI, a real-time security reporting tool, in 2017. Founded by Scott Helme (runs Security Headers, too), later joined by Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned? fame. Both Scott and Troy are award-winning security researchers and bloggers.


I've been speaking at more than 120 conferences and events, including WebExpo Conference in Prague, Czech Republic and Passwords conference in Las Vegas, USA, both multiple times. Check the list of all my Talks.

WebTop100 juror a guarantor

Since 2011, I'm a juror and since 2014 also a guarantor for the area of technical solution and security for WebTop100, the largest competition of company websites in the Czech Republic. I wrote several articles about the experience with the evaluation and also about the results.


Skyper based in Prague, Czech Republic

Absolutely awesome 5 years and 5 months since my Day One in Tallinn, Estonia until November 2012 in which I've learned gazillion of new things about how to build a service for hundreds of millions of users, how to build a company, and how to grow an office from few people up to a hundred.

A developer in Slevomat.cz

I was working for one of the fastest growing on-line companies in the Czech Republic from September 2013 to June 2014. I've done a talk about how we've secured the application and user data. The slides from the talk are on-line and the talk is called How we have improved the security of Slevomat.cz (in Czech only).

Co-organizer of IPO48

The IPO48 event held at February 2011 hosted 100+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs all with focus on modern technology. They had to find their teammates, build an application prototype and create a business model that would succeed in the fierce competition in the global market. You can read about the event in Zdroják, at David Grudl, and at John Vanhara (all in Czech only).

Co-founder of hosting service tojeono.cz

In late 2003, my colleagues and I decided to purchase our own servers, which we've offered under the brand name tojeono.cz to use by our clients and other customers who required customized hosting services. I left the project after about a year and after two more years I also left my colleagues.

More about me and my experience at LinkedIn.