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Android-based 2FA security key
April 11, 2019 (updated January 15, 2020)

Yesterday, Google announced yet another Security Key to be used for two-factor authentication (2FA, sometimes 2-step verification, 2SV) for Google's services. This one is built directly into Android 7+ so you may already have it in your pocket. It uses Bluetooth (but pairing isn't required) and currently works only in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers – Google says it's a beta version. And that's basically all we know about it. I use 2FA where possible, I recommend using it whenever possible so I just had to try it.

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A password manager as an employee benefit
March 30, 2018 (updated August 26, 2019)

“The developer was using the same email and password combination on GitHub.” What can go wrong? Hell of a lot can go wrong.

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