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Stealing session ids with phpinfo() and how to stop it

Stealing session ids from phpinfo() output has been a known technique for some time, and is used to bypass the HttpOnly attribute, which prohibits JavaScript from accessing a cookie marked as such (e.g. PHPSESSID). I just now thought of a solution that allows you to keep your phpinfo(): we'll simply censor the sensitive data, making phpinfo() lose some of its value to the attacker.

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Using JavaScript to modify URLs and hide fbclid
November 7, 2018

Roughly two weeks ago, Facebook started adding a tracking parameter, fbclid (Facebook click id?), to all external links users share. And I didn't like it so I'm hiding it.

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Adding features & deleting code, or How I joined Report URI
June 30, 2018

I joined Report URI, the real-time security reporting tool, a year ago. In fact, my first code change was June 27, 2017. Since then I've added 709,402 more lines. And deleted 1,981,599 lines.

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This is how you respond to a disclosure
December 22, 2017

I've reported Stored XSS vulnerability and it was triaged, fixed, tested and deployed in less than an hour. On Friday. Before Christmas.

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