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Inspecting HTTPS traffic in iOS, on Windows with Fiddler
December 1, 2020 (updated February 9, 2024)

Some time ago, I've change my Google password. That change logged me out of my Google account on my iPad so Photos, Chrome, and other apps were asking again for my password to log me back in. The only problem was that all I could see, was a blank page instead of the Google login form, or just -- (NSURLErrorDomain: -999) error.

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Chrome, ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR, and an invalid HTTP header
August 28, 2017 (updated January 25, 2023)

When migrating your site to a more performant HTTP/2 protocol, it may happen that Chrome will not load a page and will display This site can’t be reached with ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR instead. HTTP/2 is derived from the earlier SPDY protocol, that's probably why the error message doesn't mention HTTP/2 at all. I'll show you how to figure it out with chrome://net-export.

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